Get Involved with UCF Film!


There are several ways that you can gain experience while a student here at UCF:

Join these Facebook pages and clubs – they always have news about events and film

Film Producers Guild @ UCF

The Screenwriting Club at UCF

UCF Film Casting Calls

UCF Film Equipment Room


UCF Film Alumni


UCF Film Club

UCF Cinematheque



Each semester UCF Film hosts a Production Meet & Greet to help student filmmakers find crew members for their upcoming productions. It’s like a job fair for UCF student film projects. This event also serves as a great opportunity for students to meet new friends and similarly minded individuals to collaborate with on future creative projects.

STUDENTS WHO WANT TO VOLUNTEER AS CREW: Any and all students are eligible to volunteer as crew members. Come on down and see what the details are for each project and find a shoot that works for you. These projects will need all kinds of help, so don’t be afraid to try on different hats and take on new challenges. This is a great way to gain some experience!

STUDENT FILM PRODUCTIONS LOOKING TO RECRUIT: If you wish to participate and recruit crew members (hand out flyers about your film needs, have a sign-up sheet to collect info on interested students, display a poster, etc.) please email Lisa Peterson [] stating that you request table space at the event. Include the name of your project, and the faculty member and class it is for. There will be folding tables set up for you to use as a “booth.” We will hold a spot for you if you send Lisa the form. It is strongly recommended that you create a handout – you can use the Project Information Sheet Meet and Greet as an example if you want – so that each potential volunteer crew member has something to take away with all the important contact information and details about your project. You should also have a way to keep a record of the names and contact info of any students who want to work on your shoot. You can use the CREW CONTACT INFORMATION to do this or make your own. Any UCF Film Department undergraduate and graduate student film production is welcomed to pitch their project at the Meet & Greet (B.A., B.F.A., & M.F.A.)

Volunteer to crew on UCF students films. We are in production all year round. Track these productions through the above-mentioned website and attend one of our MEET AND GREETS, held once in Fall and once in Spring.  Check 

For film department internships, go  here:

The UCF Center for Experiential Learning has access to production-related opportunities as well.  Check then out at