To be eligible for a film program internship you must be enrolled at UCF as:

–a BFA Film major    


–a BA Cinema Studies major

Internships can earn 1,2, or 3 credits at a minimum of 45 hours per credit (e.g., 135 hours TOTAL for 3 credits over one semester).

For example, qualifying for 3 credits means working at your internship roughly 10 hours per week during the regular semester or Summer C, and 23 hours per week during Summer A or Summer B. Two credits would be 5 hours per week, 1 credit would be 3 hours per week. There is flexibility in the hours per week as long as you earn 45 hours per credit.

You have to pay for internship credits just as you would for regular course credits.

Some employers may require more hours than you need for credit to meet their criteria. That must be negotiated between you and the employer.

Internships run from the first week of classes through the last day of exams. You must register for internships through the Internship Co-ordinator before Add/Drop to avoid a late fee.

Exceptions on the time frames of internships can be made at the discretion of the Internship Co-ordinator. There are no exceptions on the hours required per credit.

STEP 1 – Find an internship. Begin by looking over this list of fall-2019-ucf-film-internship-opportunities.  This list will give you some ideas on places to contact to inquire about an internship. You are not limited to this list. We strongly urge you to contact any place that you’d like to work for and ask them if they have any intern spots available. Google “Orlando Production Companies” and many listings will come up.

STEP 2 – – Print out a copy of the 2019 Intern Agreement and take it to your interview. If they offer the internship, ask your internship employer at the company to complete and sign it. You also need to sign it. Make sure the duties and responsibilities section has been completed.

STEP 3 –  Contact Lisa Peterson via email ( to make an appointment to review the Employer-Student Agreement and fill out a registration form. This must be done in person, not online. You then need to take the registration form to Advising for signature and then Colburn Hall to submit to the Registrar. It will appear on your audit and you will be charged tuition for it just like a class. You must register for internships through the Internship Co-ordinator before Add/Drop to avoid a late fee.

STEP 4 –  – Fill out the Information Form online within one week after meeting with Lisa Peterson and registering for your internship.

STEP 5 – Complete the  Student End of Semester Report online during the last week of your internship/semester. I send out a reminder about this with the link.

STEP 6 – Ask your internship employer to fill out the Employer Evaluation of Student online during the last week of your internship/the semester. You can’t get your grade until this is done. If a grade is not received from your supervisor at the internship, you will receive an Incomplete for the course that will automatically become an F after one year. Before the end of the semester, I send out a reminder about this with the link.

STEP 7 – Send Lisa Peterson an email letting her know that you and your employer have completed the end of semester paperwork. I will send you a copy of the feedback once I get your email letting me know everything has been submitted.

Lisa Peterson:

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You should also look into what internships the UCF Experiential Learning office has available.  They often have film and entertainment related internships that only they can access. Check them out at:


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